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منظمة الإغاثة المسيحية السورية

We as SCRO (Syrian Christian Relief Organisation) are aiding civilians humanitarian who are in need of help. Since the civil war in Syria started a lot of people became unemployed due to the fact that materials can’t be transported and the inflation of the Syrian pound rose sky limit. Products are getting more expensive and civilians are getting more in need of help from charities. In this case we feel obliged to stand up and help the people in need. SCRO is an organisation created by civilians from different expertise’s to ensure families of food and other critical needs like dynamo’s for electricity and first aid courses. At this very moment we are operating in Al-Qamishly and surrounding and we can say that approximately 2700 families are in need of direct help every month. We have the capacity of helping 530 families with packages of aid. Every package costs us 4000 SYP which is € 35,-. 1 package can help and entire family for 1 month. As you can see we are in need of more help so that we can reach all the other families too. Stichting Help Christenen in Syrië is representing us in the Netherlands and we are thanking them for their input to help us through this crisis.


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